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No Insurance Necessary

The truth is hard sometimes but here it is, MY FEES ARE TO LOW FOR INSURANCE COMPANIES! Seriously, my adjustment visit is only $40 and if necessary I will include one 10 minute e-stim treatment if you need it. Insurance, in greater than 85% of cases has a $45 deductible now for "specialists" making your deductible $5 more than the cash price. Seriously everyone but your primary care physician is considered a specialist now. I realize that a few people still have great insurance with no copays and no out of pocket but a small office like mine can't do what is necessary to make those insurers pay us when only 15% actually have any coverage, so we are forced to just do the best we can and offer a simple low rate to everyone.    

An adjustment is only $40, so no big bills will come in the mail later (many of us have had that happen, right!) because when you leave your account is paid in full. Simple? I hope so!

ONLY $60 for a new patient on their first visit and that includes the adjustment! If xrays are needed we refer to Tyler Open MRI so you to get state of the art digital xrays and a medical radiologists assessment and written report, all for only $75 to $100 (Cash discount deal only, no insurance, must be paid in full, to them, within 30 days or full fees apply - you pay me nothing, I make ZERO $ out of the referral. It is convenient to my office and they are very quick and provide you with the digital disc to bring back to me for us to go over together).

Medicare... regretfully I can no longer see patients with the traditional 80/20 medicare plans unless it is for Acupuncture, Spinal Disc Traction Therapy or E-Stim/Heat/Ice. I do still see those with Advantage Plans because they are like regular insurance and have a $45 copay... so paying $40 cash is actually a discount for people with those plans.

If you have any questions please call us and we will do our best to help you.


Charles R. Dixon DC

Here is a list of all our fees. Remember, I am here to treat you to the best of my ability, today! No sales pitch will follow and no 5 times a week for a year treatment plans either - LOL.

Here is a list of our fees:

Basic First Visit Exam and Adjustment - $60

Chiropractic Adjustment - $40

First Visit Evaluation - $20 - $70 (based on depth of exam, time and multiple complaints - typically only $20.)

Electric Interferential Muscle Stim w/ Ice or Heat - $0 FREE with additional treatment - $20 as a standalone treatment ($10 for electrotherapy pads the first treatment and when needed afterward)

Trigger Point / Dry Needle Acupuncture - $45 (typically 10-15 min..),  $60 (15-30 min.) , only $20 for short acupuncture treatments with the adjustment visit (ex: Adjustment and Trigger Point/Dry Needle Acupuncture = $60)

Muscle/Fascia Release Work - $40 (up to 10 min.), only $20 for short myofascial release treatments with the adjustment visit (Adjustment and Myofascial Release = $60), For extended sessions $60 (10-20 min.)  $80 (21-30 min) ,

Spinal Disc Decompression - $60

Follow-up Evaluation - $10 - $45 (If you havenít been in here in 6 months or more there will be a minimum fee of $10 for updating your records. This means $50 for that one visit then back to $40)  

X-Rays: Changes in X-Ray technology have caused me to stop offering X-Ray services in my office. I refer to Tyler Open MRI/X-Ray. They offer the most up to date digital X-Ray technology. Two films of 1 area and the Medical Radiologist's written report costs you $75 to $100 (No Insurance Necessary). To maximize your insurance benefits I recommend you get your Primary Care Physician to take the films (Remember the Affordable Care Act kicked in the HMO part on Jan 1, 2016 so they have to refer you for your insurance to pay anything) for you so that they are covered under insurance.

Your Care Plan Back to Wellness:  If you set up an automatic debit to pay for your treatment plan for whatever health problem you are dealing with you will get 25% off your adjustment / acupuncture /spinal disc decompression. I am not going to "sell" you any treatment package, I will just offer you the type discount you might expect if you pre-paid at some other clinic that sells you prepaid $3,000+ treatment plans.

You can set up a payment plan (no interest - must be automatically draft - debit or credit) for the visits you need and stop anytime you want. No credit check, No tricks.

Simple? Yep!



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We feature " Biomedical Acupuncture for Pain Management" as taught to Dr. Dixon personally by Dr. Yun-Tao Ma PhD.  Dr. Ma teaches Biomedical Acupuncture Needling based on Neuroanatomy rather than energy meridians. I believe, based on my many years of personal experience treating patients on a daily basis (with acupuncture since 2003), that this is the most scientifically solid acupuncture technique for pain control in a Chiropractic and/or Pain Management office setting. In addition to acupuncture we feature Spinal Disc Decompression with the Chattanooga DTS Disc Decompression System for Complete Spinal Rehabilitation in cases of Degenerative Disc Disease and Bulged or Herniated Disc in the Lumbar Spine.

Dr. Dixon has proudly served Chandler, Tyler, Brownsboro, Murchison, Edom, Ben Wheeler,
Frankston  & the entire Lake Palestine area since 2001. 
He continues to serve you from Tyler at his new clinic location near TJC's new Nursing School. 
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