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Want to read more about our clinic? Well here ya go. 

I have learned a LOT of different treatments over the years to help relieve or even eliminate many musculoskeletal conditions. Most info will be very easy to find and hopefully my straight forward writing style will make it easy to "digest". Please take your time and call if you have any questions.

We try our best to schedule treatments so you don't have to wait. I have a 20 minute acupuncture session and a 50 minute "anything goes" session that includes whatever you need for one flat rate. Your initial evaluation and first treatment is scheduled for a 50 minute time slot. 

Some info about the treatments we offer and the conditions we can help you with. 

I have tried for several years to put "real" information on this web site. Information that will help you to understand common conditions and get the care you need for the conditions you may be suffering from. Everywhere I look all the doctors websites are friendly and pretty but have NO REAL CONTENT, their websites are really of no value to you except maybe to locate the doctors office and phone number. They have no prices, no appointment times no info on conditions you might have and if they can help those or not. I want to provide you with helpful information so I have kept the website as simple as possible and easy to navigate. Check things out, take your time, the menus at the left & right are on every page to make it easy to look around and easy to get back to where you were. The simple goldenrod background is the easiest color on the eyes so you can read as long as you want. If you have questions feel free to call me at 903-570-7080. The office is open by appointment on Mon - Wed - Friday. I teach at LeTourneau University in Longview on Tuesdays & Thursdays so I am not available then.

One of the most important things I can tell you about Chiropractic is that the joints in your spine are supposed to move!! Lack of proper movement for whatever reason causes irritation to the surrounding nerves and that is the beginning of even bigger problems that can effect the health of any tissue that nerve supplies. We call that condition subluxation. Additionally, if a spinal joint (or any joint for that matter, knee, shoulder, whatever) is not in good working order it will deteriorate faster than it should, we call that degeneration or degenerative disc/joint disease.  

So Enter Chiropractic - Chiropractic is primarily about getting the joints of the spine (or elsewhere) to move correctly so the nerves can carry the messages they need to carry, both to and from the brain and to and from every muscle, organ, gland, and tissue in the body.

(Check out this medical study where 2 medical doctors tracked the outcomes of 100 patients with low back pain. Hint: the group that got "maintenance" adjustments at least twice a month for 9 months after their back pain was gone did much better over the long term)

In the column on the left (I moved the column... not sure where, just click the links) there is more info on many conditions and treatments including Spinal Decompression where we use a type of traction based technique for treating more advanced spine problems & about Acupuncture and the hundreds of conditions it has been approved by the World Health Organization as a treatment for. Biomedical Acupuncture works to help the nervous system communicate messages to and from the tissues of the body and the brain

Most of our patients come through the referrals of other satisfied patients. If that describes you then you may already know that I work on most of the joints in the body and also on the muscles that move those joints. That muscle work I do is called Myofascial Release. Sometimes I also use acupuncture needles to release the fascia and to ease the pain of trigger points. I blend this altogether into a very different sort of overall technique.

I want to help you live a better life. A life with less pain and less health problems and I want that to be easy for you to do.

Get in here and get "poked" today!


Charles R. Dixon MS DC


Charles R. Dixon, MS, DC  ~  903-570-7080
1324 S. Beckham Ave. (Corner of 2nd St, Building #2, Suite #244) Tyler TX 75701
Mail: PO Box 1894 Chandler, TX 75758

We feature " Acupuncture Dry Needling for Pain Management" as taught to Dr. Dixon personally by Dr. Yun-Tao Ma PhD.  Dr. Ma teaches Acupuncture Dry Needling based on Neuroanatomy rather than energy meridians. I believe, based on my many years of personal experience treating patients on a daily basis (with acupuncture since 2003), that this is the most scientifically solid acupuncture technique for pain control in a Chiropractic and/or Pain Management office setting. We also feature Spinal Disc Decompression with the Chattanooga DTS Disc Decompression System for Complete Spinal Rehabilitation in cases of Degenerative Disc Disease and Bulged or Herniated Disc in the Lumbar Spine.

Dr. Dixon has proudly served Chandler, Tyler, Brownsboro, Murchison, Edom, Ben Wheeler,
Frankston  & the entire Lake Palestine area since 2001. 
He continues to serve you from Tyler at his new clinic location on Beckham just a few blocks from ETMC's main hospital campus. 
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is a Fellow of the American Society of Acupuncture & is certified in Auriculotherapy as well.
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